NEFTEGAZ EXPO 2019 (Moscow, Russia) - Stand Building

International Exhibition Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industries
15 April 2019 - 18 April 2019

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NEFTEGAZ EXPO (International Exhibition Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industries) will take place on 15 - 18 April, 2019 at the Expocenter Fairgrounds in Moscow, Russia.


Open Sections List

  • Geological and geophysical research. Oil and gas exploration, integrated assessment of oil-and-gas bearing areas and local objects, estimation of reserves;
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas well construction. Horizontal wells drilling. Equipment and technologies;
  • Oil and gas field development. Methods of bed stimulation for enhanced oil recovery. Equipment and technologies;
  • Oil and gas gathering and treatment;
  • Oil, gas and oil products transportation and storage. Technique and technology of pipeline construction and maintenance. Tanks and tank farms;
  • Pumps, compressor equipment, pneumatics, driving gears, oil and gas complex engines;
  • Locking and regulating fittings;
  • Pipes;
  • Oil and gas processing and petrochemical industry. Equipment and technologies;
  • Construction of facilities for oil and gas industry including offshore units. Construction machinery;
  • Power and electrotechnical equipment for oil and gas industry. Cables. Welding equipment;
  • Chemical reagents, additives and materials for the oil and gas producing and oil refining industries, for oil and oil products transport;
  • Automated control systems and telemechanization of drilling, production, gathering, transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas. Instrumentation. Means of measurement assurance;
  • Corrosion prevention. Equipment and pipelines corrosion prevention. Corrosion inhibitors. Units and insulating materials;
  • Ecology: scientific research, technologies, equipment, instrumentation. Modern systems of environmental monitoring. Processing waste utilizing and treatment;
  • Labour protection, safety systems and fire safety equipment;
  • Labware and analytical instrumentation, furniture. Mobile laboratories;
  • Mobile production buildings and cabins;
  • Oil, gas, and oil products delivery and sale. Filling stations;
  • Economic research and analysis of oil and gas industry development;
  • Industry management in new economic conditions, issues of legal and financial regulation;
  • Scientific research and designing. Project appraisal;
  • Innovations made in Russia;
  • Dataware and software;
  • Scientific and technical literature.